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The year was 2012 and everything was good for SEOs. Just spam GSA, Scrapebox and Xrumer links at your website and watch it rank #1 almost overnight. Money literally grew on trees.

Then something changed and suddenly those tools stopped working. Things got a lot harder. So what did you do? You started building your own private blog network and the first thing you needed was domains.

If you're anything like me, you probably started buying domains from Godaddy auctions using one of those drop catching tools.

There's Just One Problem...

Did you ever stop and ask yourself, why did tools like Senuke, Article Marketing Robot and Ultimate Demon stop working?

Here's the answer. The domains you were getting links from had little or no authority and spammy backlink profiles.

So what did smart SEOs do? They looked closer at the history of the PBN domains they were buying, while others continued to buy solely on metrics.

Later on, I'm going to challenge you to look over your current network. If more than 50% of the domains are bad, make a commitment to yourself that you'll buy a 5 PBN domain package today, so that you can see what good domains actually look like and build your network the right way.

You've Been Buying Someone's Trash!

After we go through this example, you'll be shocked when you discover that most of the domains you've been buying have crappy anchor text profiles from Viagra, payday loans, UGG boots and XXX spam as well as bad links from China, Russia and Japan.

On the surface, this domain has pretty good metrics. But the first thing you need to do is check the domain's history for abuse in the Wayback Machine. You're doing that right?

Wayback Machine: 2009-2010

The website was a real business from 2009 until 2010. Here's the last snapshot before the website was abused. Everything looks good, at least for now....

For whatever reason, the business didn't renew the domain. Like most good domains with SEO value, it was picked up by a smart SEO who wanted to leverage the domain's existing power and trust. Google actually has a term for this. It's called good domain gone bad.

Good Domain Gone Bad: 2011-2013

I'll save you the pain of translating, but the website was rebuilt into a credit card site. The new owner didn't use the domain in a private blog network, but tried to rank the website using spam.

Here's another indicator that the domain was abused. A company in the United States should have links with mostly English anchor text. That only makes sense, right?

Check Out the Anchor Text Spam!

Not only is it not English, but it's also spammy commercial anchor text related to credit cards. A natural link profile has mostly brand and URL anchor text.

Should an English website have a ton of links from China, Russia and Japan? Probably not. All of this spam artificially inflates the domain's metrics and makes it appear more valuable than it actually is.

As a result, many marketers unknowingly buy domains with a bad history.

...And Foreign Referring Domain Spam!

You probably didn't know this, but Chinese and Japanese blog networks artificially strengthen their PBN domains with hacked backlinks from the Russian SAPE network. You'll also see the same geo-location pattern with domains spammed by Scrapebox.

By now, I hope you agree that this domain is crap. Here's a quick recap of the domain's history.

It was originally registered in 2009. Near the end of 2010, for whatever reason, it wasn't renewed by the original business owner. Then it was acquired at action, repurposed into a Japanese credit card site and dropped after being abused in 2013.

So What Idiot Would Register This Domain?

In 2014, some idiot acquires the domain name. Why on earth would someone want to register this domain name? Simple, to the untrained eye it has good metrics. But clearly, he didn't know, what you know now.

He hosted it for a couple of months and dropped it before the renewal period. Why? Because it probably tanked his website's rankings.

Has One of Your Sites Tanked for the Same Reason?

Remember the point I made earlier about why tools like GSA, Xrumer and Scrapebox stopped working? It was because the domains you were getting links from had little or no authority and spammy backlink profiles.

When you have a ratio of too many spammy links to good links you get slapped by Google! All those "high metric" domains you've been buying are actually toxic to your rankings.

Now is a Great Time to Check the Domains You've Been Buying!

Let's get on the same page and make sure we're comparing apples to apples. Start by using the Majestic Fresh Index to check your domain's metrics. Don't use the Historic Index! To check if your domain has Trust Flow, enter in the homepage and select URL.

Next, check the map and anchor text profiles, change it from URL to Root Domain. Be sure to investigate both the Fresh and Historic Index!

Go ahead and check your domains in the Wayback Machine too. You're about to have that "WTF" moment as you realize most of the domains you've been buying are bad.

After checking all your domains in disbelief, tell me...how many domains did you have that were bad? And how much did you pay for them? OK. So now you're done buying garbage right? And you're going to let us handle this from now on?

Cool. The stuff we covered was just the basics, so resist the temptation of trying to do it again yourself because you're just going to mess it up.

Here are some of the uncensored reactions from our customers before they bought PBN domains from us.

How Do You Find Domains?

We have some awesome, custom built, inhouse tools for finding domains that have been expired, dropped or deleted by failed businesses, bloggers and organizations. For whatever reason, the previous owner didn't renew their domain.

We can do it better and faster than you. How long did it take for you to check each domain in your network? OK, now imagine doing that over 500 times per day to find a handful of good domains.

Only 1 out of every 1,000 domains we check passes our full inspection because it's actually fairly uncommon for a domain to have both a clean history in the Wayback Machine and authentically earned trust flow.

What are the Metrics?

Keep reading to learn more about the PBN domains we sell.

We sell only the high quality domains with homepage Trust Flow 15+ and 5+ referring domains. These are the type of PBN domains that can help you rank consistently for both local and national keywords.

You might be used to buying domains with higher metrics, but remember the crappy domains you were buying before all have metrics inflated by spam. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

Do these domains have PageRank? No, if you are still hung up on PageRank you shouldn't even be in this business. Mmost were dropped many years ago. Because no content was being hosted, we recommend resurrecting the content from the Wayback Machine or repurposing the domain with unique content to reindex the domain.

Don't worry, we've done this thousands of times. They still maintain their power and trust from the natural link profile. If for some reason, you do everything right and the domain doesn't index, we'll replace it. You must register the domain and host unique content within three days of delivery to be eligible for a replacement.

How Many Domains Do I Need to Rank?

The honest answer is, it depends on the competition. We've created an estimate for you based on our experience and feedback from our customers.

If your main keyword is medium competition and needs 25 domains to rank, it is better to buy 5 to 10 domains each month, rather than buying 25 domains all at once in order to vary the domain registration dates.

If your website is brand new, buy 5 domains each month. It takes about 3 months for a new site to build up enough trust and authority to rank. Older websites with an established link profile typically see results in 30 days or less.

How does this work? Most brokers leave a footprint when they register domains in their account and then transfer them to their customers. Even worse, some brokers share their list of domains in Google Docs and mail their reports through Gmail. This is just plain stupid.

To keep your PBN truly private, we deliver your report containing a list of domains inside of our secure customer dashboard. This also gives you the flexibility to register the domains at your preferred registrar.

Pick from our most popular packages and then click buy now.

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